nice to meet you!
Hi, my name is SmallieMichelle. I’m a Mother, Energy Mover, Firecracker and Founder of SOULFIRE MOVEMENT. I have been a dance fitness instructor for 5 years now and it has changed my life. Dance, Sweat and Meditate is all about distracting our mind from the day's problems and give in to the beat. I understand the importance of being active and a part of a fun and supportive environment. In class we love to turn up and zen out!

We use the 7 main chakras known as wheels of light and energy within the body, as a guide to understanding our emotional triggers and practicing tools to bring balance back into out lives.

About me:
I have lived a challenging life. Being a teen Mom and battling the expectations of societies standards AND my family's standards piled on top of being a Black Woman has brought me to some of the lowest points in my life. I have battled so many things, depression, suicide, nihilism and feelings of having no purpose in this life. And I KNOW what it's like to walk around wearing the weight of the world on your shoulders. But I am also the proof in the pudding that we all are capable of digging ourselves out of a low vibrational ditch and dropping the things that do not serve us in a hole, burring it and glowing up into our truest of true selves. As there are so many layers to everyone's life, I am so grateful for my daughters, family and the lives I've connected with that have led me here to use dance, fitness and meditation as an outlet to vibe out, release and connect back to ourselves. - Sending you all the Peace, Love & Light.